Anya Davidson: School Spirits – Amazing Surreal Truth

About a week ago on a whim, I ordered Anya Davidson’s School Spirits, by Picturebox.  This thing is amazing!  In a nutshell, it’s a story about run-of-the-mill high school freaks, but with a more than liberal sprinkling of surrealist detours into otherwordly monster fantasmagoria.  Sometimes these play as daydream excursions, as when a school dance momentarily turns into a gaggle of zombies before reverting back to the equally horrific reality – but just as often, it seems as if the teenage protagonists are fully aware that the world is REALLY transforming around them – they’re dealing with monsters, and it’s totally normal.  It’s like Charles Burns’ Black Hole, but much more lighthearted and fun (while still dealing with some serious issues and weighty emotions).  The art is both light and mind-bending as well, seeming to owe a lot to Jim Steranko and Jack Kirby’s heavy-inked monsters and cosmic beings of the 1960s.

Well worth reading twice or three times.  You can get it here, and it’s worth every cent.


Anya Davidson’s School Spirits


School Spirits inside pages courtesy Anya Davidson.

Images courtesy of Anya’s blog.  Visit her and say hello here:

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