What I saw at the Doomsday Preppers Expo at Fortune.com

One of my gigs is to occasionally write pieces for Fortune.com/CNN Money. My latest Fortune article came out yesterday morning, and boy are my arms tired.

It’s about preparedness, or doomsday prepping, and it has gotten a lot of traction, including being syndicated by Drudge and mentioned on Glenn Beck’s show.  The interest in the topic is obviously huge, and I hope I did a good job of representing a balanced view of the phenomenon. In addition to a healthy discussion in the comments section, the article has spawned a huge thread over at Free Republic, both including people sharing far more prepping information than wingnut conspiracies – which reflects what my reporting discovered, and which you might be surprised I think is a good thing.  I’m an outdoorsman myself (and also a bit of a gun enthusiast), and I’m glad to contribute to spreading the word – although obviously I’m skeptical of some of people’s more outlandish motivations.  The idea here, though, was definitely not to demonize or mock anyone, especially after I met the uniformly nice and mostly smart and thoughtful people at the expo.

You can find the very brief mention of the article on Glenn Beck’s show here, at around the 1:19:30 mark.

I’m famous!

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