3 Days Left to Get in on Weird H.P. Lovecraft Western Dungeon Crawler Kickstarter

Tentacle Miniatures

Shadows of Brimstone Tentacles

Who doesn’t need more tentacles? You have about 3 more days to get in on Shadows of Brimstone, a miniatures boardgame by Flying Frog Games that is currently in the middle of a wildly successful Kickstarter.  It’s a sophisticated modern dungeon crawling board game with a West meets Horror theme, and tons of what promise to be great-looking miniatures.  The “Outlaw” package for $150 (which I helped myself to as a little consolation when my Grandma died) includes two different versions of the core game (which you can share or use together), and a pretty big mess of addons, including all kinds of squishy, rotting characters and game goodies.

I played a ton of this sort of dungeon crawler board game when I was a kid, including Talisman, Warhammer Quest, and Hero Quest. I only recently got back into the genre, playing a few rounds of Descent with my brothers a few weeks ago when I was at home, and it’s come a long way, baby.  The rules are a lot more sophisticated, and obviously the themes have taken a step forward from pure sword n’ sorcery. When I was about 14, I cut up a bunch of my Hero Quest miniatures and turned them into the kind of weird mutants this game includes by default, so you can imagine my excitement.

At this point, I haven’t painted a miniature since I was 19 (which is probably for the best), but now that I’m too old to give a damn about being cool, I guess it’s time to take another crack at it.  My little palms are simply sweating to paint those tentacles.

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