Best Android Diablo Clone? Dungeon Quest.

I’m pretty philosophically opposed to Diablo and Torchlight-style games, for most of the reasons Action Button told me. But sometimes we all need to turn our brains off, right?  And since I do most of my gaming these days on my Nexus 7 (I’ve been a casual gamer for years.  I’m only just beginning to accept it), I’m always on the lookout for pleasantly frictionless dungeon crawlers and light RPGs.  They’re surprisingly hard to find.

Dungeon Hunter is overserious, grindy, and frankly pretty graphically inappropriate for the platform.  Worst of all, it takes the psychologically exploitative nature of the Diablo model and attaches it to real money.  Bit Dungeon is fantastic, but very limited in scale.  Ravensword 2 is pretty great for plane rides (and its accessible scale is what games like Oblivion SHOULD be), but it’s still not quite ‘casual’.

Dungeon Quest Android Game Screenshot

Dungeon Quest, though, hits the mindless-pleasure sweet spot.  It’s easy to play in bite-sized chunks and has charming, lightweight design – but it also has TONS of loot, character depth, and great controls.  It’s also still under very active development, so who knows where they’re going next.

Highly recommended.