Cave Evil Re-Released: Black Metal Board Game With the Greatest Promo Video Ever

I’m pretty behind on this, but the six month lag doesn’t make it less awesome. Cave Evil is a board game featuring art by Mat Brinkman, one of the most incredible nobrow artistst of the bleeding gore/monster/death metal vibe.  Back in 2010 or so when it first came out, I was a dead-broke graduate student, and was absolutely heartbroken to watch as it sold out.

Now it’s back, with a reprint that apparently became available in June of last year, which is when this absolutely mind-boggling promo video came out.


So, there’s that. But either these guys aren’t exactly running a tight ship, or there’s some sort of obfuscatory metagaming going on there.  There were ‘pre-order’ mentions on the Cave Evil Twitter account as of a few days ago, for some reason.  Anyway, it looks like you can now order the game here.

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