Announcement: Seeking Weirdo Writers

If you’re an aspiring (or experienced) writer interested in getting paid to write about the kind of weird culture you’ve maybe seen me post about here from time to time, we might have something to talk about. I’ve decided to turn this blog into more of a group affair, with topics including horror movies, surrealist literature, wrestling, board games, art toys, video games, and edgy music from metal to hip hop.

If you’re interested in writing for me, please take a look at the blog, then send a list of 5 ideas to  I’m starting off paying $5 for a 200-400 word post, which I know is criminal, but I’m going to be working on ramping up and figuring out how to make this thing pay for itself/pay writers more, and I don’t want to overcommit early.

Alternately, if you run a blog and it makes sense, I’m happy to trade links/posts. Let me know.

One thought on “Announcement: Seeking Weirdo Writers

  1. […] This is a guest post from Black Metal and Brews, a great blogger who reviews craft beer and obscure black metal tapes. This is part of the process of Blown Horizonz becoming more of a full-blown publication rather than just my personal blog.  If you’d like to pitch in with a guest post, or join our staff, we’re seeking weirdo writers.  […]

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