On Lustre, Social Media, and What We Allow in Black Metal

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Yesterday, I witnessed a first in the metal community. The man behind Lustre, Nachtzeit, used his band’s Facebook profile to reach out in search of a romantic partner. While it’s easy to view this as misuse of social media, it created something of a chain reaction in the black metal community. He has since made multiple posts explaining his initial update and has mocked the community for its harsh reaction.

First off, let’s look at this as a serious act. If this is the case, the sense of melancholy and longing that Lustre’s music so clearly evokes is sincere, and he’s using an extension of his musical persona to seek partnership. If anything, the trolling from the community, which ranged from “you lost a fan” to “you’re a virgin” to even “members of Cradle of Filth will be laughing at you,” disappoints me.

Now let’s say that this was an attempt at pulling one over on fans. He got a reaction and used it as an opportunity to lash out at elitists. While I’m all for taking a chance to call any community out on unwarranted judgment, it’s stooping a bit low to try to trick people into reacting.

Regardless of the artist’s intentions, the one thing that sticks with me most is that in a community where artists with hateful and bigoted stances receive a pass for making enjoyable music, a man who was allegedly seeking companionship was cast out. Yes, it’s silly to use a Facebook band page to find a partner, but is it career suicide? Lustre’s presence has always been that of an individual who happens to make music rather than a professional band trying to have a detached, business only persona.

What is your take on this? Is this just a social media fumble from an artist channeling his own loneliness, or a severe misstep that could cost a musician his fanbase?

4 thoughts on “On Lustre, Social Media, and What We Allow in Black Metal

  1. It’s still up in the air whether or not it was a serious post but I have problems with it either way. If he was serious, it seems like a breach of trust to ask your female fans to send you emails while you choose one to date. That is pretty much the plot to that VH1 show with Flavor Flav or the equivalent of picking a groupie to take back stage. If on the other hand he was joking, it seems like a cruel joke to toy with your fans to get a reaction for your own amusement. Will I stop listening to his music? No. Do I respect him a little less as a person? Yes

    • Your point about the breach of trust is one I considered only after writing this article. I’m glad you mentioned it, and it certainly can be a demeaning power play. Especially considering some of the artist’s actions after the initial post, I’m less than thrilled with his behavior. Still, the fact that people have stooped to taunts and scorn baffles me since we as a general community permit music that actively promotes bigotry and hate.

  2. People who give so much of a shit about if he was serious or not… Why do you care so much or even at all? His music is phenominal. He is a nice dude. If he was indeed mocking the metal community, I applaud him for it. It’s absolutely pathetic how judgemental people are in the community. I think it’s ironic that the “kvlt I’m so metal” kids have Facebook. I thought kvlt people were supposed to be alone and hate the world. The reason why I bring this up is the way people percieve a person on the internet can not even be compared to what a person is like in real life. I know people from some of the biggest black metal bands in person. They wear corpse paint, dress in black and wear spikes on stage. They look and seem brutal. Then off stage your hanging out, your clothes get super wet in the rain, and the guitarist is blow drying your clothes with a fuckin hair dryer for an hour back at the hotel. My point being MOST bands, even Lustre are always a mystery. The music and the person behind the music. But you have to assume they are just like anybody else (unless they are completely insane… Nattramn for example,) And meet them in person to see for yourself what they are really like. To get utterly pissed off because someone is making a joke, or being serious and revealing part of themselves to the world, shame on you for that.

  3. Some fucking guy

    I don’t care. You know why I don’t care? Because I don’t. Why should I. I don’t give a shit if it was a joke or not. I have better things to do with my time and Lustre is still awesome regardless.

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