Nifft the Lean – Like Jack Vance meets Michael Cisco

Thanks to a pick on Goodreads, I picked up this out-of-print gem for about $4 with shipping. It’s pretty mind-boggling, a slice of sword and sorcery adventure, but full of tight plotting, bits of sardonic social commentary, and intensely imaginative, deeply unnerving settings and creatures. The gates of hell are guarded by a doting pair of undead giants and their baby made ENTIRELY OF BEETLES, etc. etc.

It’s a worthy counterpart to both Jack Vance and M. John Harrison – sword and sorcery with something both very smart and very dark about it. This is one that should still be in print, so much so that it puts me in mind of crazy fantasies like starting my own publishing house to resurrect it, and others like it.

Any other picks for out of print or little known material that dances on the line between fantasy and balls-out weirdness? Let me know in the comments.

One thought on “Nifft the Lean – Like Jack Vance meets Michael Cisco

  1. This is one of my favorites. He wrote a couple of sequels which were not nearly as good. I think it might still be in print though, in an omnibus edition or something.

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