QUAID and Tempus Projects go HEAD TO HEAD November 1st!

A little less than a year ago, Seminole Heights’ increasingly venerable Tempus Projects gallery welcomed into its flesh an upstart called QUAID. The collective of young artists took up residence in a portion of Tempus’ new, larger space, and began a campaign of artistry mostly featuring solo shows by its members. They recently landed Best of the Bay recognition, tasting for the first time the dizzying heights of adulation that have surely become yawn-inducing for Tempus Projects staff.

But apparently, all may not have been so sunny between the sister galleries! In what appears to be some sort of Thunderdome/Hell in a Cell deathmatch, the two spaces have scheduled shows side by side, on the same night!

At Quaid, weighing in at about a buck forty soaking wet, Justin Nelson presents his solo show “Miracle Crusade.” Nelson is the notorious wheatpaster behind the bummed-out ghosts that showed up around town two or three years ago, and his work since has been similarly fun/melancholy.

Justin Nelson, New work from Miracle Crusade

Justin Nelson, New work from Miracle Crusade

Nelson is facing off against a tag team, Toronto’s Jenal Dolson and Cleveland’s Nicholas Moenich, presenting a mix of fractal sculptures and broken-plane paintings that make you question the boundary between figure and abstraction. And wait, what’s this? QUAID’s own Neil Bender is coordinating the Tempus show. Whose side is he on? There’s no way to tell until they’re in the ring, folks.

One can only imagine what sort of devastating consequences face the loser of this high-stakes clash. Will the gallery who draws fewer attendees or sells less art have to forfeit their space? Wear funny wigs for a month? Or LEAVE TOWN FOREVER? We can’t know – it’s all pure speculation at this point, though stay tuned for updates on the situation as it develops.

Both events start at 7pm on Saturday, November 1st.