Please send promo comics, ‘zines, and weird fiction!

Hey folks, my editors over at Creative Loafing┬áhave tasked me with covering a bit more in the way of comics, and I would also like to have more obscure and strange stuff to add to the book coverage I already do for them. If you would like to send material, please email me at and I’ll tell you how (I’m too hated by survivalists and conspiracy theorists to give out my address. Seriously!). If it has monsters, abstract art, no dialogue, wizards, experimental languages, Borgesian mythology, number games, crappy special effects, or is inspired by 1970s sci-fi or extreme Japanese horror, I am definitely interested.

Obviousy I can’t promise coverage, but even things that don’t make the cut over at CL will be good fodder for coverage here on the blog.

Thanks everyone! Please share my email widely.