Pretty Awesome-Looking Conan Board Game Kickstarter Closing

I don’t know if I’m going to drop the bucks on it myself, but this Conan board game Kickstarter seems like a hell of a way to spend $90. I spent a little more than that for the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter around this time last year, and got the boxes in December. I’m still working on putting those figures together, and I have to say, they are a huge pain in the butt – I’m not at all impressed by the build quality.

But Conan looks a lot better, and you get a ton of stuff. Soooooo . . . maybe? You’ve got about three days to decide.

On Laughing at Weird Movies

Last night, I went to a screening of Paul Schrader’s 1982 Cat People, at the bar around the street (yes, that kind of thing very occasionally happens in Tampa). I went hoping to stoke my imagination for some plotting on a script I’ve just started working on. I showed up about ten minutes in, and almost immediately, I noticed people were laughing at the movie, which it seemed most of the audience saw as ridiculous and silly.

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