Are Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats The Scariest Metal Band Around?

uncle acid and the deadbeats

I was suddenly reminded last night that it’s nearly Halloween (Forgive me, September was rough). Hopefully I can do some serious posting this month, because this is the time when we collectively choose to focus on the weirdness lurking just beyond the veil of humdrum existence. For a start, I’d like to¬†share a bit of genius I’ve only discovered in the last six months or so. This is Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, and they might be the scariest metal band around.

Hit play on the following, and read on, to be convinced.


Uncle Acid would be called a hard rock band if this were 1975, but nowadays they fit most comfortably with doom or stoner bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard (they’re on the same label), or Windhand. They may share the most DNA with Kadaver, another group that’s explicitly trying to recreate the sound of ’70s arena rock down to the finest details.

But there’s a huge difference between Uncle Acid and the many, many stoner/doom bands I love. Superficially, despite their intentionally amateurish visual vibe, they’re immensely hooky and melodic. “I’ll Cut You Down” could be rearranged into a Carlie Rae Jepsen-style pop gem (and please, please, somebody do that).

But the real distinction is that while artists like Sunn O)))) or Baroness are bands who try to evoke dark feelings, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats are basically LARPing as serial killers who happen to have joined a band.

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