The Best Writing About Dissertation Writing You’ll Likely Ever Read

It’s only three or so paragraphs, and it’s nearly a decade old, but this post from Dave Noon is worth revisiting.  Again and Again.  Forever.

Greetings From The Bell Jar

Bleak, horrific wastelands where sense is sacrificed.  That’s what it feels like from the inside.  And often enough, after the fact.

You can also read some of David Noon’s slightly more recent, equally hilarious rants on history and politics at The Edge of the American West blog at the Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Academicals: Japanese Right-Wing Hip Hop

This blog will encompass all of my writing, including the academic.  My latest major social science publication was this past August, in the journal Communication, Culture, and Critique.  It’s quite apropos to this blog, since it was a by-product of my larger book project on the most underground and weird of Japanese hip hop.

This work was the product of some really fun detective work, and owes a lot to my friend the activist and music journalist Futatsugi Shin.  In the course of writing it, I was threatened by one of Japan’s biggest rappers, and exposed a serious shortcoming, maybe even an outright fraud, in the currently defining work on Japanese hip hop.

Not too surprisingly, noone noticed.

The Sakura of Madness: Japan’s Nationalist Hip Hop and the Parallax of Globalized Identity Politics